Preternatural Delusions

sâmbătă, martie 15, 2003

Bin Laden Emerges In North Korea. Sought Location
Ignored By U.S.

Fugitive Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was spotted in a cafe in the North Korean capital city of Pyongyang. Dipping a biscotti into his latte, the leader of the terrorist organization told a BBC reporter who approached him that he chose the country as a refuge because he knew activities there were being ignored by the United States.

"North Korea is the perfect haven for me. You can build nukes here and the U.S. government doesn't pay attention," Bid Laden said. The infamous terrorist also complained that he feels forgotten and neglected. "I was once front page news. Now I make a few threats on my cell phone and the country goes code orange but I don't even get a mention for it. Frankly I feel slighted because I'm still evil," he said.

From Bob's Fridge